Nurturing Florida Lifestyle is a private organization that promotes the full participation of people with disabilities. Nurturing Florida focuses on increasing employment opportunities for individuals with learning disorders. To achieve this goal, we work to pilot innovative approaches to disability inclusion. We scale our approaches into initiatives with broader impact. Nurturing FL is proud to help families and individuals become more competitive by building disability inclusion programs

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Disabilities make it difficult to perform normal daily activities. Assistive devices and mobility aids can make these daily tasks easier. However, a learning disorder can limit what you do mentally or physically and your senses may also be affected. Disability does not mean unable and it is not a sickness. Most people with disabilities can learn, play and work while enjoying healthy lives.  

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Nurturing Florida Lifestyle helps people develop their cognitive, intellectual and physical abilities. We aim to decrease impairments that may be developmental, sensory or mental. A combination of these disorders results in restrictions on a person's ability to participate in what is considered normal. Nurturing Florida helps individuals better integrate themselves in everyday society by focusing on disabilities which may be present during birth and disorders that occur during a person's lifetime. We assist with activity limitations, impairments and participation restrictions.


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Nurturing FL opens the door for people with cognitive disabilities. Individuals with intellectual disorders experience difficulties when it comes to jobs. We address the problem by incorporating the role technology plays in helping the disability community. The United States Bureau of Labor estimates that more than 50% of jobs require some degree of technology skills. Our special education teachers quickly discover holes in curriculums and improve the lack of digital literacy. 




NF conducts capability assessments. We provide consultation on this benefit in an attempt to help more people into work. Disability benefits are assessed in order to provide special attention to some of the most vulnerable people in society. NF provides a more personalized support for people with disabilities as they search for employment. We know the right type of work is good for your mental and physical health. Therefore, NF has created a more pragmatic health system to reflect this concept.


The ongoing struggle by people with disabilities to gain full access to American society is an important part of our heritage. The disability rights movement shares many similarities with other 20th-century civil rights struggles by those who have been denied equality, independence, autonomy, and full access to society.

The Disability Rights Movement

Grass roots advocacy builds relationships. Generally, the debate is not whether a candidate will support programs that help people with disabilities, but where disability funding issues fall as a matter of budget priorities.

Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities